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Expanding Horizons and Global Opportunities

Graduate from your local high school while simultaneously earning a US high school diploma

We work directly with schools around the world

Our Programs

Dual Diploma

Graduate from your local high school while simultaneously earning a US high school diploma.

Full Time School

Graduate from the comfort of your own home through an entirely online-based program for students in 8-12th grade.

Individual Course Enrollment

Fill in the gaps in your transcript by hand picking your classes from our 400+ course catalogue.

Advanced Placement (AP)

We offer various Advanced Placement courses to help students earn college credits while still in high school.

College Transcripts

Students from 10th-12th grade can take courses at the college level with the possibility to gain college credit.

Career and Technical Education

Thousands of graduates worldwide take advantage of our virtual online programs. 

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Years Of Experience

DLX offers one of the most competitive programs in the world by offering:

A 400+ Course Catalogue.

95% of students graduate with a dual diploma.

98% college acceptance rate for successful graduates.

Network of 100+ international schools.

Interact with international students around the world.

Certifications and Awards

The ASSIST learning experience platform

ASSIST changes education as we know it by blending progressive schooling models with traditional educational environments. ASSIST allows students and schools to choose from a library of online classes from a trusted standards- based online provider while also taking traditional school courses.

Provides seamless curriculum hosting and single sign-on and curriculum integration capabilities. Course, section, and grade book management are included. Administrative reporting features can compile information from all student data. Established integrated content is included. Everything is accessible anytime from any device. A highly secure single environment is ensured.

Streamlines the admissions process, customized school applications streamline scheduling to track school-wide activities and dates, simplifies and centralizes payments and accounting, and provides hassle-free and automatic official records and transcripts. A parent portal gives parents access to essential information about their children, a secure communication system organizes all messages in a single location, and all the vital tools for school accreditation support are right there. In addition, administrators can assign staff privileges depending on roles with systematic user levels, take advantage of a flexible and functional district-level option, and serve a diverse community with user language preferences and translation.

Delivers and streamlines many functions: Individualized learning plans, course completion certificates, resource sharing and collaboration, self-paced study, record keeping, clear graduation road maps, enrollment management, and comprehensive grade-level content.

University Pathway

The most important objective of the Dual Diploma Program is that every registered student graduates with a fully accredited U.S. high school diploma. This achievement will enable and qualify our graduates to have the opportunity to apply to many universities around the world.

*While we offer easily accessible application help for a student’s chosen university, final acceptance decisions are made solely by the university and must be respected.