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Full Time School

Middle and High School options (6-12 grade)

DLX offers a fully accredited online secondary school for 6-12th graders that is at the at the forefront of innovation for online learning.

We leverage the industry’s only fully integrated management system to offer and deliver multiple accredited programs in various blended learning modalities. Moreover, we do this at a fraction of the cost of the traditionally implemented programs.

Our grades 6-12 online course catalog includes comprehensive grade level core courses, honors, Advanced Placement, foundation, and literacy advantage courses for ESL students and students seeking remediation and/or credit recovery.

6-12 Online vs. Traditional schools

Teaching and learning in an online school for secondary students needs to target the specific needs of each learner. In the traditional classroom, students must often fit the same mold and pace as the rest of the class. Unfortunately, this traditional model can cause students to fall behind and increase frustration, limiting learners’ ability to achieve their full potential.

Through the personalized learning that students receive in the DLX 6-12 online curriculum, students can move at their own individual pace and spend more time on areas of deficiency to work toward mastery in a safe and engaging environment.

This approach allows teachers to spend more time teaching to the needs of each student and the opportunity to work on individual learning styles and plans.

DLX Teachers

DLX provides highly-qualified teachers to help facilitate your child’s online education. Our teachers work with your child to foster content mastery and with parents and tutors to further facilitate the home environment. Students are encouraged to meet with teachers virtually to develop a collaborative learning environment that ensures student success.

DLX is an NCAA-approved school and fully accredited

NCAA for athletes - Online HS for Athletes

Get credit for your sport at DLX!

We can deliver a rigorous academic setting where students do not have to compromise their course options.

University Pathway

The most important objective of the Dual Diploma Program is that every registered student graduates with a fully accredited U.S. high school diploma. This achievement will enable and qualify our graduates to have the opportunity to apply to many universities around the world.

*While we offer easily accessible application help for a student’s chosen university, final acceptance decisions are made solely by the university and must be respected.


Our interest goes beyond the academic, which is why we have created a HUB where all students can interact, create, participate and be part of the DLX community.

Included in tuition, all students enrolled at DLX will have the opportunity to experience access to features such as:

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