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Dual Diploma Program

Dual Diploma Program

4 simple steps!

  1. DLX signs partnership agreements with individual schools.
  2. Trained DLX/ADLS staff review the host school's curriculum to assure the transfer of at least 16 full credits. DLX then complements the remaining 5 full credits to cover the graduation requisites
  3. We plan an academic progression with the DLX curriculum depending on the grade of entrance to the program
  4. Once the student finishes and successfully passes the course, DLX issues the U.S. diploma
  • Bilingual schools.
  • Schools with the International focus.
  • Schools that invest in academics for the development of their students.
  • Schools that want to have a differentiator program within their operations.

We focus on working directly with schools to help their students receive a U.S high school diploma at the same time that they graduate from their local school.

Per the Cognia accreditation requirements, students must complete 5 out of 20 Credits with DLX to receive comprehensive transcripts and a diploma from our program.


Apply to an International University

Our program is a comprehensive learning experience. This means that, in addition to academics, there are many features that build a more robust and complete program. For example, we believe that most of our graduates will like to continue their studies abroad.

That´s why we have partner with other companies to provide instructions, skills and opportunities to pave the way to an international university.This incentive includes over +400 different options, in 20 countries, to continue their higher education path.

Both for Students & Teacher alike

  • Our school partners all have comprehensive training for staff, international coaches and facilitators designated to manage the DLX Dual Diploma Program. This is usually done in an online format over several days and has no extra cost. In-person training is available, however, comes with an added fee.
  • DLX believed in open communication channels and continued professional development as needed
  • DLX offers weekly meetings with a dedicated staff members at the onset of your program
  • Via ASSIST’s Resources Tab, there are recorded videos and support tools as well as user guides for each user level. These can be viewed and shared by anyone you designate on your team.
  • We provide parent and student welcome videos for each program. Additionally, we can be available via zoom for “in-person” introductions and informational meetings
  • •ASSIST is available in multiple languages. Currently ASSIST is available in Spanish and Vietnamese. Language preference is interchangeable and selected by the individual user. (Does not apply to course content).



Our interest goes beyond the academic, which is why we have created a HUB where all students can interact, create, participate and be part of the DLX community.

Included in tuition, all students enrolled at DLX will have the opportunity to experience access to features such as:

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Weekly Student Progress Reports

DLX provides highly-qualified teachers to help facilitate your child’s online education. Our teachers work with your child to foster content mastery and with parents and tutors to further facilitate the home environment. Students are encouraged to meet with teachers virtually to develop a collaborative learning environment that ensures student success.

  • Our school partners will have comprehensive training for staff, international coaches and facilitators designated to manage the DLX programs.
  • DLX will have dedicated support for you and your team. Open communication channels and continued professional development is provided as needed through weekly meetings at the onset of your program.

Transcripts, Diploma, & Graduating from a U.S. High School

  • Per the Cognia accreditation requirements, students must complete 5 out of 21 Credits with International High School to receive comprehensive DLX transcripts and a diploma from our program.
  • Credits must fulfill the 21 required courses as stipulated for our College Preparatory program.
  • Additional courses taken or transferred into the DLX Dual Diploma program will apply towards Elective Credit, and will still be reflected on student transcripts.
  • Students must complete courses within the pre-determined due dates.

University Pathway

The most important objective of the Dual Diploma Program is that every registered student graduates with a fully accredited U.S. high school diploma. This achievement will enable and qualify our graduates to have the opportunity to apply to many universities around the world.

*While we offer easily accessible application help for a student’s chosen university, final acceptance decisions are made solely by the university and must be respected.

Are you interested in becoming and International School?